Fokus Plamen d.o.o. ​​takes every care and organizational caution to ensure that the delivery of the ordered goods usually takes place within 3-5 working days for all items, presumed availability and solvency: in the case of orders placed via the internet on the online shop, in fact , the declared availability of the products in stock does not take into account in real time any orders placed simultaneously (or within seconds) by other users. Delivery times are subject to exceptions in all cases of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances. Product deliveries will be made only on the Italian territory. Delivery times may be longer in the case of:

  • orders placed on weekends or public holidays (in the case of a weekend order, the order will be processed on the following Monday; in the case of an order on public holidays, the processing will take place on the first working day following the last holiday);
  • deliveries on islands, disadvantaged locations or in peripheral areas (+1 or 2 working days);
  • strikes;
  • presence of a request for customized goods or goods shipped directly from the factory (+20 working days);
  • payments made on delivery for amounts over € 1,000 (+3 working days).

The Customer and / or the person in charge of the same to collect the goods is required to check, at the time of delivery and in the presence of the carrier, the integrity of the delivered packages and their number, reporting any discrepancies to our customer service within eight days. from receipt of the goods. The seller reserves the right not to accept the order.

For packaging, transport and insurance, only a flat rate of EURO 10.00 will be charged on orders with a net value of less than EURO 400.00. For orders equal to or greater than EURO 400.00 net, delivery takes place ex home. For Venice, smaller islands and disadvantaged areas, additional shipping costs imposed by the courier and not dependent on Fokus Plamen d.o.o. ​​may be applied. For cash on delivery shipments an additional amount of EURO 4.00 is applied. Supplementary deliveries are always free of charge.


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