Eau De Parfum Acqua delle Langhe Alba Pompeia 100 ml

Eau de parfum Alba Pompeia represents freshness and dynamics. It’s an unisex body perfume with a hint of broom and olive flowers. Olive and broom flowers create a luxury Italian fragrance in a 100 ml bottle.


A gentle olive flower scent makes Alba Pompeia the best perfume for women or men who know their style and are not afraid to show it. It is a one-of a kind eau de toilette that welcomes you with a gentle awakening and a boost of energy.

Acqua delle Langhe Alba Pompeia 100 ml body perfume brings inspiring notes in three perfume layers, chosen carefully for women and men wanting a dynamic and fresh fragrance to make a long-lasting impression:

  • head: lemon, bergamot, neroli, rose
  • heart: rosemary, geranium, jasmine, olive flowers, broom
  • bottom: musk, cedar wood, sea water

Acqua delle Langhe is a premium brand of natural fragrances inspired by Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was historically covered with sea. The perfume creator Alberto Avetta shares his passion for premium fragrances in the shape of perfumes, scented candles, and ambient fragrances for professional use.


Acqua delle Langhe


Alba Pompeia


Olive flowers, broom flowers


100 ml


Glass, liquid




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