Eau De Parfum Acqua delle Langhe Sarmassa 100 ml

Eau de parfum Sarmassa is a feminine fragrance with notes of amber, talc, sweet spices and vanilla in harmony citrus and cedar wood. This sensual body perfume for women brings you the magic of Italian elegance in a 100 ml bottle.


Sarmassa body fragrance brings out the feminnine and sensual side with a gentle water-based natural body perfume. Perfect for every occasion, Eau de toilette is inspired by its notes of amber, talc, sweet spices and vanilla, perfectly blended and harmonized with citrus and cedar wood.

Acqua delle Langhe Sarmassa 100 ml body perfume brings gentle notes in three perfume layers, chosen carefully for women wanting a fragrance to make an impression that lasts:

  • head: lemon, orange, cedar wood
  • heart: musk, honey, spices, vanilla, amber
  • bottom: resin and talc

Acqua delle Langhe is a premium brand of natural fragrances inspired by Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which was historically covered with sea. The perfume creator Alberto Avetta shares his passion for premium fragrances in the shape of perfumes, scented candles, and ambient fragrances for professional use.


Acqua delle Langhe




Amber, talc, sweet spices, vanilla, citrus, cedar wood


100 ml


Glass, liquid




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