Burner Brown Firelighter 600 Cubes for BBQ, Stoves, Fireplaces

Burner brown natural firelighter cubes for BBQ, stove or fireplace package of 6 jars, each containing 100 cubes. These odourless fire starters are a safe and professional solution to light BBQ, fires, stoves, ovens and smokers. Firestarter cubes burn for 10-12 mins, are non-toxic and non-polluting.


Professionally light the fire in your BBQ, stove, oven or smoker. The firestarter bricks easily light into controlled and reliable flame, burning without odour. They easily replace firestarter sticks or firestarter logs. Just like a pro, put burner brown firelighters on the bbq and make a fire in 3 simple steps:

  • Place one or more cubes on fire pit.
  • Light them up and wait for brown cubes to heat well.
  • Cover with wood or charcoal to keep the flames under control.

Make sure to keep the product stored out of the reach of children and away from flames and sparks.

Only one is the original Burner firelighter, awarded by Grill Guru with the Best Firestarter Award. Besides different quantity variations of bio oil firelighter sachets, there are also Burner International firestarter bricks (firelighter cubes) and sets of firelighter kit with firestarter lighter (gas) available in our shop.


Welcome to check out our whole professional HO-RE-CA offer of firelighters for sale!

Weight 0.8 kg

Burner International


Burner Brown Firelighter Cubes


Competely odourless


600 pcs


Fire lighter cubes


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