Mueller Pillar Candles, unscented, white, 6 x 12cm, 34h burning time, 24pcs

Müller unscented pillar candles have a special patented burn-through barrier for safe usage in different arrangements without reducing burning time. HO-RE-CA professionals really like these safe and reliable white pillar candles for their stable long-lasting flame with no unpleasant odour or fumes. Each of tall and large pillar candles in bulk of 24 lasts for 34 hours. Perfect for professional use in restaurants, hotels, spas and other hospitality venues.


24 unscented pillar candles in bulk are designed with a special Müller Kerzen patented solution that prevents the flame from spreading to table cloth or floral arrangement. What is special with this Müller BSS solution, is the fact that it still allows the candle to burn completely.

However, these large pillar candles don’t only bring safety and efficiency. Beautiful white round pillar candles will make a charming fit into the table centerpiece or other decoration to enhance the atmosphere and bring the extra spark to your restaurant, hotel or catering venue. Order a pillar candles pack to get 24 Gastro Pillar candles with following features:

  • diameter: 60 mm, height: 120 mm
  • patented burning barrier system
  • reliable 34 hours of burning time
  • self-extinguishing when burnt out
  • optimal burning with no odours or fumes

German company Müller Kerzen is known for high-quality production of candles, suitable for professional or home usage. They own Candle quality Certificate by German Institute for Quality Assurance and Certification and also have a patented BSS candles with prevention of fire-spreading to table cloth or other flammable surface near the candle. Safety, quality, and reliable long burning time are main features of their candle production, improving day by day in their R&D lab.

Dimensions 6 × 12 cm



Pillar candle






24 pcs


34 h




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